2nd Meeting

March 2013 (month 18) in la Martinique



Data that must be brought

FADs Technology

  • Presentation of first results
  • Proposal of a preliminary list of recommendations and discussion


  • Typologies and sampling plans from the new data
  • Presentation of first results after validation / improvements of data collection protocols
  • Presentation of air survey results for location and positioning of private fADs

Access file on activities

Ifremer air survey data

Biology and fishing

  • Pooling of results and discussion on the black tuna gonads observation
  • Results of the experimentations of selective techniques

Observations of gonads and samples

Results of campaigns

Socio-eco structures

  • Presentation of results of first surveys premières and validation ; preparation of the next ones ; discussion

Processing of data sent before Novembre 2012

Intitutional analysis


Products quality

  • Pooling of first data and results and discussions
  • Inventory of parasites and sample submission

Data on first observations

PARM Analyses

Working Conditions and safety